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The wisest investor, of the metal, naturally, would like to know about the history of the metal and how successful, might be his or her investment.  Palladium, not surprisingly, comes with a history that is of great historical merit.  The metal was initially discovered by a Mr. William Hyde Wollaston.  Mr. Wollaston discovered the metal in the early 19th century.  He was working with a process relative to the purification of Platinum, when he discovered Palladium.  Naturally, the preceding information, leads to the fact that Palladium is part of the Platinum grouping of metals.  The Platinum Group of Metals are inclusive of Rhodium, Ruthenium, Osmium, and Iridium.

An investor or information seeker may find it encouraging to note:  when purchasing fractional rounds and bars of Palladium that Palladium’s name comes from the asteroid Pallas—a mythological giant.

There has, additionally, been more than one common use for the metal, other than that of investment.  Palladium has been used as a medicinal treatment for Tuberculosis.  Later on, though, the determination was forthcoming that the positive effects were not as pronounced as were the adverse side-effects.

Palladium is used currently in dental fillings and jewelry.  The most well-known use of Palladium is within catalytic converters—used in automobiles.

Investors of Palladium are pleased to find out that the price, per ounce, of the metal, retains its value well.  This is in part due to the limited availability of the metal; as well as the many diverse uses of it.

The potential investor may wonder where the precious metal is found.  The Palladium which is used in one ounce Palladium bars, coins and rounds is found mostly inside 4 countries—those being, South Africa, the United States, Russia and Canada.  The greatest amount of the metal is located in South Africa.  Factually-speaking, Palladium bullion bars, more than likely, have probably originated from South Africa.  Seventy-eight percent of the Platinum category of metals originate from South Africa.  It is true, that many individuals purchase Palladium from the preceding sources—however, another source which the metal is derived is from that of recycled catalytic converters.

Whether an investor is seeking Palladium bullion bars or Palladium coinage, the demand for the metal is continual.

Many investors will buy Palladium bullion bars in order to balance their respective financial portfolios.  It is possible for the investor to purchase Palladium, in way of investment, storing it at their respective residences, or by adding  Palladium bullion to an IRA, containing Precious Metals

Persons, too, may collect Palladium coins, complete with gorgeous deigns.  A person who collects coins may wish to consider the addition of a one ounce Palladium coin or coins to add to his or her international collection of coins.

Naturally, attaining the history, as provided within the preceding text, may encourage the reader to look further into the advantages of including Palladium, as a worthwhile investment, to his or her numismatic collection or as a way to nicely balance out his or her investment portfolio.